In the spotlight

Hendrik van Leeuwen (HNDRK)

In his painting he plays with tilted squares. Layer on layer they slide over each other. The patterns that emerge are completely abstract, but it is not difficult to see different things like mountains, ice or flats. Forms that originate from evolution and society. Recently he writes reviews in The Hague newspaper: The Hague Central.

- Spatially

Meriam Windmeijer

Meriam Windmeijer makes photos, videos and objects. Her work is about vulnerability and transformation, flowering and decay.

Hans Maltha

Hans Maltha (The Hague, 1942) has been the new chairman of KunstPost since 1 last October. A man who always sees opportunities and challenges, also with our artists' collective.

Gina Hartmann

Painting is what Gina Hartmann likes to do. Gradually, she discovered that portraying fits well with her. She finds an emotional click important and she likes to get something out of the surface.

Ka van Haasteren

In the workshop of Ka van Haasteren at the Wheat Camp many beautiful collages are hanging on the wall. Some are mysterious, others contain a glimmer of humor. Contrasts are visible in her paintings and collages.

Hubertine Langemeijer

hubertine langemeijer moerdijk bridge

Hubertine Langemeijer is director of KunstPost. In 2007 she jumped here without any experience, but has given guidance for this artists' initiative well on the ride.

Jacqueline Louz

Jacqueline Louz participated in a course with clay twenty years ago and since then she can not be stopped anymore. Working with clay she finds very relaxing. She can also enjoy walks through the forest where she collects tree scraps to get started later in her studio. Her studio is full of beautiful art objects of clay, wood and stone.

Andrzej Wawrzyniak

Andrzej Wawrzyniak lives in the Netherlands since 1987 and is a busy man. He gives courses and lessons at different locations. In addition, he regularly exhibits in the Netherlands and at international art fairs. His paintings and icons are beautiful. He used to paint with oil paint, nowadays with acrylic. Andrzej Wawrzyniak has studied all facets of the visual arts.

, - Spatial, Drawing

Peter Piket

Peter Piket draws without hesitation, following his lines. Then he colors them with colored pencil. For his wooden objects he first makes a plan with a good, fun joke in it. "I saw a lot of jigsaw in my life," he says. Not electric, but by hand. He has the hope that somebody will pick up his work and that it will then be seen in large in The Hague.

, - Spatial, Painting

Maria Gruppelaar

Maria Gruppelaar paints and makes wood constructions and she prefers to combine this. She finds Serendipity important in the manufacturing process; finding something unexpected and useful while you're looking for something else. She likes to experiment and wants her work to be light-footed or playful. At the same time she also asks questions about existence, about how you are formed or about how you achieve things.

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