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Starters4Communities is bezig om voor maandag 12 november 2018 om 23:59 uur € 18.000 bij elkaar te brengen om hun traject te kunnen starten. Meer weten en mee helpen?

Succesvolle XCHARXAutumn School 2018XCHARX bij LOOkatie364

Autumn school mariahoeve lookatie364 kunstpost calendulazalf maken klein

De Autumn School Mariahoeve die ook dit jaar in de herfstvakantie plaats had, is "leerzaam" verlopen, voor deelnemers en organisatie. De samenwerking tussen KunstPost en VDZtaal in LOOkatie364 aan Het Kleine Loo leverde een gevarieerd programma op met een aanbod van uiteenlopende workshops verdeeld over drie dagen.

LOOkatie 364, an initiative of KunstPost

2018 entrance LOOkatie 364 art station the small loo 364

KunstPost has rented the former Stadsdeelkantoor Haagse Hout at 1 June 2017 at Het Kleine Loo 364. LOOkatie 364 is a cultural social breeding ground where art and social initiatives have space.

Open Atelierroute again great success

open atelierrroute kunstpost den haag mariahoeve art post

"Never know that there is so much beautiful art here", said one of the visitors of the Open Atelier route this year. And it was a party, also for us. The building buzzed with the voices, the music and a creative fibe went through the building. Knowing more?

Autumn School Mariahoeve

autum school mariahoeve artpost lookatie364 vdztaal

From Monday 22 up to and including Friday 26 October, LOOkatie364 and other places in the district can do everything for residents and interested parties. Is a diverse offer put together so that there is something for everyone.

Opening exhibition 'Mariahoeve in Transitie' by Anneloes Groot

Anneloes Groot for gallery LOOkatie364 kunstpost den haag art mariahoeve

On Saturday 25 August 2018 the exhibition 'Mariahoeve in transition' officially opened its doors. Dokie Claessens (Neighborhood Manager Mariahoeve, District of Haagse Hout) and Carlos Martinez van Andel (District Council Mariahoeve) opened this expo where Anneloes discusses architecture, (public) greenery and water in the neighborhood.

Building playground Mariahoeve great success

KunstPost organizes this year in collaboration with Stichting Toverbosch the Bouwspeelplaats Mariahoeve. hereby photos and a TV report of what to do.

reporting protocol (suspicions of) sexual abuse / undesirable behavior

This protocol describes how to act in situations involving (suspected) sexual abuse / undesirable behavior and how and to whom these must be reported. The protocol provides protection to the reporter / those who act on the protocol, the suspected victim and the accused. The protocol also gives an obligation: to act in the established way. The ...

KunstPost Code of Conduct for (voluntary) employees for working with minors

Many boundaries in the contact between (voluntary) employees and underage members / participants in the activities of the association / foundation are not unambiguous. One child wants to sit on his lap for a while, looking for comfort, the other child needs a stroke over the ball and another child does not like being touched. Exact limits can never be agreed on for this ...

Open Atelierroute KunstPost

view jubi on southwood 3 copy Anneloes large art post look 364

KunstPost organizes 30 sept. from 12-17 hours the Open Atelierroute where the properties Tarwekamp 3 and LOOkatie364 are opened. Knowing more?

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